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Issue IV Release party
January 14th, 9pm
Casa del Popolo, 4873 St-Laurent
(details coming soon)

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FATIGUE ISSUE THREE is now available in stores or through our website. Issue three features the works of Dave Arnold, Chuck Bergeron, Véronique Côté, Grace Eakins, Remi Labreque, Sarah Nesbitt, Jo Reid Sevigny, Jenny Schade, Suzanne Sutherland, Lucie Szechter, Courtney Townsend, Charlie Twitch and Brian Vandekamp and is brought to you by frustration, humiliation & anxiety.

Submission deadline for Fatigue issue four is March 29th 2010. Send your submissions to submit@fatiguemagazine.org. Submissions guidelines can be found here.


Claudia Chan Tak
Claudia Chan Tak at our issue 2 release party. Photo by Hamza Kubba.

July 25th 2009

The evening passed.  It happened.  We promise.  I mean, I swear on my mother and you can even ask her because she was there too. It is amazing how we can have the same bands play for you yet you will still come and somehow buy 100 copies of a magazine you’ve nary heard of. We love you for it, we really do (promise) and we don’t plan on stopping this anytime soon. If you couldn’t make it out on the 6th, eat it.

And then go buy yourself a copy at our fabulous distributors.

FRUSTRATIONHUMILIATIONANXIETY Our three brand new themes, look at them. Now that it's over I don't feel destroyed, just very aware of the size of it all. You have until October 5th to impress us.

> Issue 3 call for artists on Facebook
> Submission guidelines

Photo by Stephe
Picking Daisies by Stephe in issue two of Fatigue.

June 5th 2009

As of now, the posters have been put in place, the magazine is nearly done printing and the buttons have been picked up from the post office. Everything is ready for Saturday and I can finally sleep and so can you, with the firm knowledge that the next issue of Fatigue is that much closer to your hot little hands.
This issue’s featured artists are ajbishop, Jesse Allarie, David Benoit, Claudia Chan Tak, Holly Friesen, Greg Gilmore, Kaja Kiegler, Jinhee Kim, Hamza Kubba, Edmund Lam, Elizabeth Ranger, Elohim Sanchez, Stephe, Suzanne Sutherland and Charlie Twitch.
- - -
Our release party is being held at Le Cagibi again, 5490 St-Laurent at 9:00pm on Saturday June 6th. Cover is $5 and will get you a seat (or place for your feet) to see Marisa Hoicka, Claudia Chan Tak, FLIST, Swellship and Mia Verko shake their money-makers. Be there, square and self-aware.

Fatigue Issue Two Release Party
June 6th th, 9pm ($5)
Le Cagibi, 5490 St-Laurent
with Marisa Hoicka, Claudia Chan Tak, FLIST, Mia Verko & Swellship

> Mia Verko on Myspace
> Swellship

Ive always dreamed to have something I made to appear on a button...

April 30th 2009

I’ve decided to extend the submission deadline for issue two to May 11th at 5pm in light of finals and the lazy lot of you that have e-mailed me asking for one or two more days. I hope you all realize that this means you will be competing with all of the other submissions that will now have time to get in. It’s alright though, I haven’t started either…Submission guidelines can be found here and this issue’s themes are INNOCENCE, DISCOVERY & ADVENTURE.

> Fatigue submission guidelines

Fatigue Launch party
Swellship performing at the Fatigue launch party.

January 23rd 2009

Thanks to everyone who showed up on Saturday for the launch, I hope you all had as much fun as I did. I will be spending the next week trying to get FATIGUE into shops around town so the rest of Montreal can see it. If anyone outside of Montreal is interested in getting their hands on a copy just e-mail me at charlie@fatiguemagazine.org and I’ll work out mailing you a copy. Our first issue features works by ajbishop, Carina DiMenna, Charlie Twitch, Gabriella Sikorski, Greg Gilmore, Juana Loreto Lopez, Jinhee Kim, Stephe & Tara Desmond. Enjoy.
- - -
We are now accepting submissions for ISSUE TWO, the themes are: INNOCENCE, DISCOVERY & ADVENTURE.The deadline is April 27th; submissions should be sent to submit@fatiguemagazine.org with a little bit of information on the piece and yourself. Submission guidelines can be found on our information pageGOOD LUCK!

> Fatigue submission guidelines

Eric loses control of the Class by Greg Gilmore in issue one.

January 15th 2009

I am very proud to announce that the first issue of Fatigue is finally finished and are now sitting at my feet in a nicely organized fashion. I hope to see everybody who participated at the launch party on Saturday, I assure you it will be worth your while, either for a copy of the magazine or to see some local talent make vague attempts at grab-assing your conscience. Cover is $6 and all money goes towards Fatigue’s next issue.

The launch party takes place on Saturday January 17th at Le Cagibi, 5490 St-Laurent at 8:00pm and features performances by ajbishopswellship and PTENCH. I have also had my mother make a piñata for the occasion which is disquietingly phallic in nature. I have no idea what she has put inside it.
If you cannot make it to the launch, FATIGUE will be available in a few select shops around Montreal (the list will be posted soon). If you are worried about getting a copy then just contact me before the show and I will put one aside for you. If you wish to have a copy mailed to you send me an e-mail with you coordinates and I will work out some sort of deal. Thanks to everyone that helped with the first issue, I hope you are not dissapointed.

Fatigue Magazine Launch Party
January 17th, 9pm ($5)
Le Cagibi, 5490 St-Laurent
with ajbishop, Swellship & Ptench

> Swellship
> Ptench

Submit to Fatigue!

November 20th 2008

The first issue of Fatigue will be released January 17th 2009. If you're interested in submitting some of your work now is the time! Send your black and white drawings, poems or short stories to submit@fatiguemagazine.org with a little bit of background on the piece. This issue's theme is NARCISSISM, HEDONISM & HUBRIS. Deadline isDECEMBER 12TH. GET CRACK-A-LACKIN'

> Fatigue submission guidelines

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